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  'What a shaker': LA is hit by 4.2 magnitude earthquake off the coast of Malibu waking residents who describe it as 'like a train going by' 
time:2023-05-28 11:33
Alerts said the earthquake struck at around 2am on Wednesday, 28 miles consequentlyuth-west of Los Angeles and about 10 miles consequentlyuth off the coast of Malibu...
  Video appears to show police pile on Japan smoke-bomb suspect
time:2023-05-28 11:20
NHK showed footage from an event where Japan's prime minister took cover and was unharmed. ..
  Sex, bandits, ghosts: Inside India's forgotten pulp films
time:2023-05-28 11:17
A new TV series explores Bollywood's gaudy B-movies, which were marked by sex and sleaze. ..
  TikTok's US future at stake in showdown at Congress
time:2023-05-28 11:16
The video-sharing app's chief executive will testify to US lawmakers in a much-anticipated grilling. ..
  Nightclub where footballer Cody Fisher died in a Boxing Day knife assault will close for good after its operating license was removed 
time:2023-05-28 11:13
The Crane nightclub in Birmingham where footballer Cody Fisher died in a knife assault on Boxing Day is to remain closed for good after having its operating licence permanently removed...
  Zelensky holds first war phone call with China's Xi
time:2023-05-28 11:00
Ukraine's president says his first call with China's leader since Russia's invasion was "meaningful". ..
  Musharraf's love-hate relationship with India
time:2023-05-28 10:51
Pervez Musharraf possibly came closest to improving ties with India, but Delhi remained divided over him. ..
  Why is Sri Lanka in crisis?
time:2023-05-28 10:49
The International Monetary Fund will lend the nation $3bn to deal with its worst-ever economic crisis. ..
  Fashion brands 'paid factories less than cost'
time:2023-05-28 10:44
High street retailers paid suppliers in Bangladesh less than production costs, researchers claim. ..
  Guest finds corpse under Tibet hotel bed
time:2023-05-28 10:22
A Chinese tourist recalls his holiday gone wrong in an unsavoury review that has since gone viral. ..
  Cheating plagues India jobs coveted by millions
time:2023-05-28 10:12
Cheating in exams is common in India, where students go to great lengths to land a government job. ..
  Man who fled Scotland with boy for 10 years jailed
time:2023-05-28 09:58
Scott Forbes said he flew with the boy from Aberdeen to Malaysia in 2012 as he had concerns for his welfare. ..
  Silicon Valley is struck by a 5.1-magnitude EARTHQUAKE that rips across San Francisco Bay Area leaving homes shaking 
time:2023-05-28 09:56
The San Francisco Bay Area was rocked by a 5.1-magnitude earthquake Tuesday morning...
  Nepal co-pilot's husband died in 2006 plane crash
time:2023-05-28 09:48
Anju Khatiwada was co-piloting the Yeti Airlines flight when it smashed into a gorge near Pokhara. ..
  US abandons search for flying objects it shot down
time:2023-05-28 09:34
Efforts to find the objects downed over Alaska, Lake Huron and the Yukon ended without finding debris. ..
  Japan’s mystery ball removed from the beach
time:2023-05-28 09:10
The ball, dubbed "Godzilla egg", has perplexed locals and set off widespread speculation. ..
  Pence aides didn't started packing up files until after January 6 beca utilize Trump wanted White Ho utilize to act like they were staying for second term, new report claims after classified documents were found in his home 
time:2023-05-28 09:07
Mike Pence's team didn't start packing up his documents until after January 6, due to Donald Trump's insistence everyone act like they were staying for a second term...
  US accuses Brazil's Lula of parroting war propaganda
time:2023-05-28 09:01
Brazil denies its leader is spreading Russian and Chinese propaganda about the war in Ukraine. ..
  Bitter divisions over Ukraine dominate G20 talks
time:2023-05-28 09:00
Foreign ministers fail to produce a joint statement as tensions over the war in Ukraine mar the talks. ..
  Is conflict between China and the West getting closer?
time:2023-05-28 08:56
Beijing has reacted with anger to the details of a UK, US and Australia defence pact known as Aukus. ..
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