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  Cold wave and fog cause chaos in northern India
time:2023-05-28 12:02
A severe cold wave has disrupted flights and trains and led to schools closing in many parts of India. ..
  India prepares to welcome 12 African cheetahs
time:2023-05-28 11:54
Five females and seven male cheetahs will be flown from South Africa to India on Saturday. ..
  PM Modi's fight to save only bastion in south India
time:2023-05-28 11:43
India's main political parties are campaigning extensively in Karnataka which votes on Wednesday. ..
  Malaysia ends mandatory death penalty for 11 crimes
time:2023-05-28 11:41
More than 1,300 prisoners on death row can soon seek to have their sentence reviewed. ..
  Appeal to fly balcony fall woman home raises £73k
time:2023-05-28 11:39
Maddi Neale-Shankster, 21, was paralysed from the waist down, after the accident on New Year's Eve. ..
  India tribunal upholds $160m fine on Google
time:2023-05-28 11:39
India's competition watchdog had fined the tech giant earlier for "unfair" business practices. ..
  How a tote bag sparked a class debate in Singapore
time:2023-05-28 11:13
A teenager's post about her first "luxury bag" has drawn tens of millions of views. ..
  Is Indian sport seeing its #MeToo moment?
time:2023-05-28 11:04
India's wrestling administration has been roiled by allegations of sexual abuse and misconduct. ..
  Black cab driver tells Just Speak Oil mob to 'get a job' as activists glue themselves to the road blocking busy junction in central London before police make 16 arrests 
time:2023-05-28 10:44
A black cab driver told Just Speak Oil activists to 'get a job' after the eco mob blocked a busy junction in central London this morning before police made 16 arrests...
  White House blames chaotic Afghan pull-out on Trump
time:2023-05-28 10:31
A report says President Biden was "severely constrained", but implies evacuations could have begun sooner. ..
  The growing row over picking judges in India
time:2023-05-28 10:30
For long India's top judges have been selected by their colleagues. Now the government is pushing back. ..
  After Afghan TV fame, a new life in Ohio
time:2023-05-28 10:24
Adjusting to life in America is difficult for Afghan women who used to be journalists. ..
  International donors pledge over $9bn to Pakistan
time:2023-05-28 10:20
Devastating floods hit the country last year, killing at least 1,700 people and millions more. ..
  Rescue mission under way for researchers in PNG
time:2023-05-28 10:12
Officials say they will use "whatever means necessary" to free the four people held by an armed group. ..
  Most populous nation: Should India rejoice or panic?
time:2023-05-28 10:00
India has surpassed China as the world's most populous country. What does this mean for the world? ..
  Havana Syndrome unlikely to have hostile cause - US
time:2023-05-28 09:53
An unclassified assessment is released into the mysterious disease that has struck US officials abroad. ..
  'People investing with us will be rewarded:' Mark Zuckerberg DEFENDS 'historic' Metaverse plans notwithstanding adjacently $650 BILLION loss in market valuation this year - as Meta's stock plunges 11% and quarterly revenue falls for a second straight time
time:2023-05-28 09:52
Shares of Meta dropped acutely on Wednesday after the company reported falling revenue for a second straight quarter, and projected another decline in sales for the final quarter...
  Moments before former Indian MP shot live on TV
time:2023-05-28 09:34
Dramatic scenes show the moments just before former MP Atiq Ahmed was gunned down in Prayagraj. ..
  Mystery in the skies over North America: Answering your questions
time:2023-05-28 09:31
Three objects were shot down over the weekend, prompting fevered speculation and a host of questions. ..
  US firms 'more negative' about doing business in China
time:2023-05-28 09:25
Five years since the trade war started, American firms seem less inclined to invest in China. ..
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