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  Andrew 'Freddie' Flintoff 'puts his TV career on hold after horror Top Gear car crash': Ex-cricket ace 'was begged by his family to stay away from work as he recovers from injuries' 
time:2023-05-28 11:33
The presenter and former England ace, 45, was airlifted to hospital following a horror collision on a test track at the Dunsfold Aerodrome in Surrey on December 13 last year...
  How world's deepest fish was caught on camera
time:2023-05-28 11:19
Scientist Alan Jamieson explains how his team captured footage 8,336m (27,349ft) under water. ..
  How a Chinese tycoon built a pro-Trump money machine
time:2023-05-28 11:16
Guo Wengui is accused of masterminding a billion-dollar fraud. His followers tell the BBC their stories. ..
  Bhutan media guide
time:2023-05-28 11:12
Notes on the media in Bhutan, with links to newspapers, TV and radio broadcasters. ..
  Indonesia acknowledges gross human rights violations
time:2023-05-28 11:10
President Widodo said he wanted to restore the rights of victims but did not specify how. ..
  Clashes stop Imran Khan court case from taking place
time:2023-05-28 11:09
The former Pakistan PM marks his attendance in Islamabad and denies charges he sold state gifts. ..
  Papua rebels attack soldiers searching for NZ pilot
time:2023-05-28 11:06
At least one Indonesian soldier has been killed while trying to find kidnapped pilot Philip Mehrtens. ..
  Fashion brands 'paid factories less than cost'
time:2023-05-28 10:55
High street retailers paid suppliers in Bangladesh less than production costs, researchers claim. ..
  BREAKING NEWS: Ex-Lions and Chargers linebacker Jessie Lemonier dies aged 25: Agent confirms he and his girlfriend 'were expecting a child'
time:2023-05-28 10:55
Lemonier played in seven games for the Lions during the 2021 seaconsequentlyn and recorded a sack of Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers in the regular-seaconsequentlyn finale in January 2022...
  Multi-million pound refugee homes plan put forward
time:2023-05-28 10:50
Shropshire Council says it wants to acquire 30 new homes for Ukrainian and Afghan families. ..
  Dalai Lama defended over tongue-sucking remark
time:2023-05-28 10:47
The head of Tibet's government-in-exile defends the spiritual leader's "suck my tongue" request to a boy. ..
  Japan destroys new rocket minutes after lift-off
time:2023-05-28 10:41
The rocket's failure to launch is a significant blow to the country's space plans. ..
  Sri Lanka urges China and India to reduce its debts
time:2023-05-28 10:30
The crisis-hit Indian Ocean state cannot access a $2.9bn bailout until its debts to China and India are resolved. ..
  India court rejects Gandhi's appeal against conviction
time:2023-05-28 10:22
Rahul Gandhi, who remains disqualified as a lawmaker, will challenge the decision in a higher court. ..
  How many Covid cases are there in China?
time:2023-05-28 10:16
China has released a new Covid death figure, but there are concerns it is an underestimate. ..
  Brothers released from Guantanamo Bay after 19 years
time:2023-05-28 09:59
Abdul and Mohammed Ahmed Rabbani were arrested in Pakistan in 2002. They were never charged by the US. ..
  Aston Villa announce Unai Emery as their new manager just FOUR DAYS after sacking Steven Gerrard... but caretaker Aaron Danks will remain in charge until November 1 while the Spaniard awaits his work permit
time:2023-05-28 09:58
The Spaniard, 50, has been appointed after Villa acted quickly following advanced talks with the former Arsenal boss on Monday...
  The Indian trapeze artist who became a circus legend
time:2023-05-28 09:52
Gemini Shankaran, a circus performer-turned-owner who died recently, had an action-packed life. ..
  Spy balloon sent data to China in real time - report
time:2023-05-28 09:47
The craft gathered intelligence from military bases for days before it was shot down, US media reports. ..
  How an Indian woman tracked down her daughter's 'dead' rapist
time:2023-05-28 09:28
A man accused of rape was declared dead by authorities - until the victim's mother proved otherwise. ..
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